Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Dark Lord Shea-uman Brags Again

The Dark Lord says that he has 621 followers. I've got 715...Mwahahahahaha...

What I don't get is that I am sure that the Dark Lord has far more readers than I do (if numbers of comments have anything to do with it) So what's up? Can any of the techies out there explain such deep and wonderful mysteries?

By the way, if you are interested in the new media check out this website for a new book that both the Dark Lord and I (Gandalf the Dwhite) have contributed to. There will be more about this stunning new book before long.


  1. And no indication on Amazon that it will be available on Kindle??? A book on "new media"?

  2. Hi, Father - let me offer a simple answer to why you probably DO have many more followers than you know of. People (like me) who follow you through an RSS feed reader, such as he Google Reader, will not show up in your "Followers" total. Readers allow a person to add any site with an RSS feed directly. So, I guess you can have an unknown number of RSS followers who do not show up in your count. Hope that helps!

  3. In addition, blogspot followers are only those with google accounts- you probably have tons of followers on facebook and elsewhere who read your blog.