Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday and Good Friday

Has anybody else glimpsed the irony? Black Friday everybody gets up early and goes to pay homage to the great American idol-- Mammon. Yet we call it 'Black Friday'. Do we call it Black Friday because all the businesses go for a few days into the black rather than running on credit? I dunno and don't much care. The irony is that people go running out to buy their gadgets and trinkets (and they go in great crowds) which they think will make them happy and it's called Black Friday.

Jump forward a few months and we remember the worst thing that ever happened--that mankind killed the Son of God who loved them--and we call this Friday 'Good'. The irony continues because in our society more and more people neglect Good Friday and worship on Black Friday. In fact, the reason they neglect Good Friday is because they worshipped another god on Black Friday. You cannot serve both the Son of Man and Mammon.

So welcome to the great Christian country America--where on Black Friday the Christians--like everybody else--spend hundreds of dollars for goodies while they give Jesus--Good Friday.

The Anchoress rants here on Black Friday.


  1. Father,

    This exegesis is brilliant. I have thought of it often and pondered the irony of "rescuing" merchants, many of whom will not allow one to utter the word, "Christmas" in their store, in order to do our duty and worship Greed! The one other point I have pondered is to call any Friday "Black." On Good Friday, the greatest evil of all time was committed--Deicide. And yet, the greatest good was initiated: that the Son of God by His own Will and in obedience to the Father, ransomed us from original sin. That too bothers me about this situation--every Friday is a day of Penance for that act of Divine Love which is an incredible "Good".

    Pax et bonum!

  2. Kind of sad that people will get up at 3am to shop, but can't be bothered to go to church an extra day for holy days of obligation.

  3. " In fact, the reason they neglect Good Friday is because they worshipped on Good Friday."

    I'm assuming you meant, "In fact, the reason they neglect Good Friday is because they worshipped on BLACK Friday."

    Good post.

  4. Good Friday and Goods Friday. Good point. Just another reason to abstain from Goods Friday.

  5. I come for a poor country, where I grew up being taught that I shouldn't flaunt my possessions and that I should be thankful not so much for our few luxuries, but for our basic needs being met, for many lacked the essentials.

    In the first year that I arrived on these shores, I fell for the siren of Black Friday and I did not like what I saw at all. Not only did I feel disappointed for not getting the deal that I wanted, I felt anger at the fact that the deal had been set up to cause disappointment, for placing a handful of units for sale was merely a bait to get me in the store to buy the product for the regular price. And then there was the unspeakable madness and the rudeness of it all.

    I saw the light and I was fortunate to need only a single Black Friday experience over a decade ago to write it off.

    Even on the calendar Black Friday stands in an approximate opposition to Good Friday.

  6. Black Friday confirms what we already know about americans i.e. that they are the most religious people on earth.

  7. My sixteen year old made the observation this past weekend that we spend Thanksgiving thanking God for the blessings we have (most especially a home, clothes, food, etc...) and then rush out within hours to acquire more 'stuff.'

    I think black Friday is more a commentary on our attention span.

  8. Good Friday is of course not misnamed, though "good" is weak praise for it. "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound."

  9. I hate balck friday and always have. The thought of fighting to navagate the hellish wasteland of the suburban shopping centers makes me shudder! I know I'm not going to get that $200 laptop, so why bother camping out or occupying WalMart or BestBuy and getting trampled to death.

    It's sick how our culture worships consumption. I know I'm going to be labeled a Communist for this. America used to be known for freedom or industrious, hardworking people. Now it's known for an orgy of greed, materialism and consumption.