Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eau My Goodness

At Italian perfumer has produced a perfume especially for the Holy Father. The Daily Telegraph reports here. The expert says it was very difficult and she almost gave up. I would have thought it was quite easy--just take the fragrances of various incense types and you'd have something suitably ecclesiastical.

What got me is that she attempted to produce a fragrance that reflected the Holy Father's personality and theological position. What?? It got me thinking what sort of fragrances might reflect my personality and theological position.

I'm for cordite, incense and the mustiness of old books.


  1. Artificial smells aim to impersonate fresh and clean. Indeed they do, for a time. Cover ups.

    However, theres nothing like the smell of a new born baby 's head.

    Nothing. No thing.

  2. This is how they sell perfume.

  3. you forgot the smell of motorcycle exhaust and leathers

  4. There is a priest here of Mexican origin who does not speak much English, who wears a perfumed aftershave or cologne. It is strong smelling enough to be a real distraction when I approach for Communion. Priests should not wear perfume!

  5. One headline I saw stated: “Pope commissions new perfume”. That didn’t hold water – or perfume – for me. The Holy Father is concerned about many things but somehow I don’t see perfume as high on his list – or on it at all.

    A marketing gimmick, I suspect.