Saturday, March 17, 2012

Homosexual Marriage in England

The homosexual marriage debate is raging in England. Damian Thompson-- who is probably one of the world's greatest journalists-- write here about how the church will lose the argument. They are saying that there will be a clause in the legislation banning homosexual marriages from taking place in church, but Damian's right in pointing out that there will be plenty of Church of England priests willing to conduct church "blessings" of the homosexual marriage. They've been "blessing" second and third marriages in church for a long time now already.

What this means is that Adam and Steve get "married" have their civil marriage then go on to the church for the "blessing" which will be all fancy just like a wedding. Catholic priests will not be allowed to conduct such services, but anybody who has followed this debate and knows what the homosexual activists are like can easily predict the future. Homosexual marriages in churches will soon be allowed, and then be made mandatory--especially in the established Church of England.

The time will come very quickly when religious groups will not be able to maintain their own employment policy which excludes homosexual people, and churches will be forced to "marry" homosexual people if that is what they demand. It will be the law, and refusal to co operate means you will be punished.


  1. Bring it on. We are strong enough to take the heat and be jailed for breaking the law, if it comes to that.

  2. The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, in union with the Holy Father and the Bishops, will NEVER fold nor conform to any law seeking to compel Her to even recognize same sex "marriage", regardless of any "punishment" that may be imposed. She will stand firm. This is a fact.

  3. I've felt for a long time that the fight for homosexual marriage is a fight for the normalization of gay sex. It is NOT about love. Plenty of people love each other without marriage. Brothers and sisters, close friends, and all sorts of other relationships share bonds of love. What they do not share is the bond of sexual relations. That is what the homosexual community is trying to establish here.

    Honestly I think the best thing we can hope for is for the state to get out of the "marriage business" completely and let the churches do what they will do. The state recognizing my marriage means practically nothing to me compared to God and the Catholic Church recognizing my marriage. I'm willing to bet that most of the faithful feel the same way.

  4. This is all so strange, it makes my head spin.

    Paul: People say this but it is completely impractical. Governments have always regulated marriage, that's part of what a government does. And no, I do not think you are correct that most people would consider their Church marriage more important than anything the state says.

    Father, do you think that Rowan Williams is stepping down because of this? Is it unusual for an Archbishop of Canterbury to step down, especially at such a young age?

  5. That is the whole problem here. People don't recognize any authority unless it benefits their desires.Relativism continues to rear it's ugly head. However, their is such a thing as absolute truth. You will either come to this realization in this life or the next. The Gospel says what it has always said, whether you approve or not. So go ahead and approve of or even participate in activities that you KNOW are seen as sin in Holy Scripture. Do ya feel lucky? Well, do ya , punk?