Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Load 'Em Up and Move 'Em Out

This blog is moving. I'm joining the happy band of pilgrims over at Patheos. The new url is:

If you come here you'll have a page to re-direct you to my new home.

This should be a good move for everyone. I'm streamlining my blog and website, so this move along with the upgrade to WordPress helps me make that happen.

Patheos also continues to grow and move forward, so coming to visit me there is a way to open up into a kind of Catholic magazine with the best Catholic bloggers, opinion and news.

For some time I have also been looking for a way to expand my reach with the blog and Patheos provides that boost.

I'll see you over there, and hope the transition isn't too difficult for anyone.

Thanks for your patience!


  1. Congrats, Father. I'd been wondering what kept you away from Patheos as it seems all my other favorite bloggers are being assimilated over there ... :-)

  2. I will follow you wherever you go to blog (You are one of the best!) but I would like to say, before it's too late, that the graphic design of this blog is REALLY outstanding. The colors are nice; the graphical elements are attractive, well placed and well integrated and it's just a very comfortable and pleasing reading experience. I hope that doesn't change. Patheos blogs seem to be a bit stiffer visually, although I can understand the advantages of a blogging conglomerate, I think.

    All good wishes and prayers follow you to the new place.

  3. I am happy for you Father!

    One thing has me a tad concerned however... if this move will have an impact on you feed (other than updating the URL). In particular, sometimes moves to Patheos include only brief extracts (the first few lines) of posts getting put into feeds. The idea is, if it catches your interest then you must click to open the full post on Patheos.

    That is great for them, increases their traffic and any ad impressions -- but a big stumbling block for those of us who follow a lot of blogs.

    I tried living with it, but found that I clicked-thru on a smaller and smaller number of posts on those blogs. It was just too time consuming. Eventually, I sadly dropped those feeds.

    SO, if you have any say in this, PLEASE ask them to provide a full feed.

  4. Yeah, I'm definitely NOT a fan of the Patheos platform or look. It is neither (comment) user nor reader friendly. But no one else paid any attention when I told them that.

  5. Patheos - isn't this an "ecumenical" site, in the worst possible sense?