Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Women Want

Watching the news coverage of the Alabama and Mississippi primaries last night it was interesting to note that Santorum got the large share of women's votes. The commentators on MSNBC were bemoaning the fact, revealing their own bias and arrogance.

When we hear the narrative that Republicans are "against women" what we are really hearing is from the feminists is "we don't like Republians." The idea that one political party is "against" one gender is ridiculous and degrading to women. If I were a woman I'd be outraged to think that some ideologue of either the right wing or the left wing were speaking for me.

When the liberal media talk about Republicans or Catholics or any other group being "against women" what they mean is that these groups do not rubber stamp the feminist agenda. But when are the feminists going to realize that they are not the only women in the world and that there are plenty of women (in fact the majority of women) in this country who don't buy into their radical agenda?

When the votes go against their ideology they will do two things: 1. Mindlessly shout out the dogmas of that ideology even louder and more repetitiously 2. Attack the other side with every weapon they've got--usually ignoring the other side completely, but also mis representation, distortion of truth and finally portraying the opposition as mindless hillbilly cretins who are "clinging to their Bibles, guns and snot nosed babies."

But of course, the women who voted for Santorum are not mindless hillbilly cretins. They may not be educated at some ivy league college, but they also are intelligent, thoughtful human beings who simply look at the world in a different way. Are there some ignorant, stupid women among them?

Sure. But nobody's got a monopoly on ignorance and stupidity.


  1. These women aren't ignorant -- they just don't know yet what a disaster Santorum would be for this country AT THIS TIME. Ron Paul is right. "He's a fake."

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  4. Given that we're talking about a pretty large group of women here, odds are that some of them *were* educated at an Ivy League school. Which, of course, only strengthens your point, Father.