Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Therese -- A Steel Magnolia

If Therese was a "Little Flower" she was a steel magnolia. Here she is pictured as one of her heroines, St Joan of Arc.

She was tough, and this post recounts her exploits in the first world war. She appeared to French soldiers and did miracles. This is a trait she shares with every saint--the awareness that she is a soldier for Christ. The same language is used by St Benedict in his rule, and examine the writings of every saint and you will find the military imagery.

I realize that it is Lent and a time of battle, but I am feeling more and more the call to be a happy warrior, and look to St Therese as a patroness. How crazily wonderful is the Catholic faith that we put forward as our most noble knight the princess--and as the most manly warrior a little girl!

For more on this saint Pius XII called 'manly' you might want my book St Benedict and St Therese--The Little Rule and the Little Way.

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  1. It's one of those upside down things, Fr. L. The strongest warrior is a woman.
    I've also been thinking about the two most vulnerable kinds of people in the world are a mother and child, but it is with those weak personages that God is building the kingdom of his Son and Mother.
    I love your blog!