Sunday, March 18, 2012

Un-Blessing with Un-Holy Water?

This article says a group of atheists gathered to 'un-bless' a portion of highway with 'un-holy water.'

If they were really atheists they wouldn't believe any of that stuff, so why would it matter if the road were blessed or not? The fact that they take the trouble to conduct some sort of ceremony or ritual to 'un-bless' the road seems laughable, but is, in fact sinister.

If they really wanted to counter a Christian blessing they should have got some shaman or witch in to curse the place, and it is only a matter of time before they do so.

What the atheists don't understand, of course, is that atheism will eventually lead to the demonic. Nobody can believe in nothing for long. The atheists are not content to live as true atheists--minding their own business, imagining that they can live in a spiritual vacuum, and allowing those "religious kooks" to do their own thing.

No. They're not content to let religious people do what they want. Beneath their louche tolerance, shallow sophistication and affected nonchalance, their atheism is driven by rage so they have to try to close religion down, and when their meager efforts fail they will become increasingly violent and hateful.

They will then drift into new ways to curse God and destroy religion, and many of them will (either explicitly or implicitly) summon up and yield their souls to the powers of darkness. This is because it is impossible for a human being, who has an immortal soul, to exist in a state of non-alliance. You must serve either God or the Devil.

Already locked in a vile hatred of religion, they will find it all too easy to ally themselves to even greater powers of hatred and violence. Their God-empty souls will be vulnerable to every spiritual entity out there in the great chaos and taken over by evil, they will initiate a demonic reign of terror. More terrifying still is that they will do the most vile things and praise themselves for being 'free' or 'bringing about a new society.'

Do not imagine for a moment that atheism is ever benign. The atheists have always been out to destroy the church, and they will fight the faith with the tenacity and terror of the pit.


  1. LOL atheists insist God is non-existent but make a HUGE thing out of Him. Without knowing it, God is probably a bigger part of their lives than of many Christians. I'd rather see this as a sign all isn't lost--there's an opening where the Holy Spirit can still work miracles.

  2. Atheism scares me. You are right that so many of them absolutely hate religion and want to destroy it. These days the popular discourse is of separation of church and state, which in reality means supressing all public expression of faith an persecuting those who don't comply. I expect things to get much worse before they become better.

  3. Modern unbelievers have no style. What ever happened to hot bull's blood?